Fiona Byrne
– Introducing Fiona, get to know her a little better in this quick fire question round.

Describe your style in 3 words... Drawing, Animals, Weird.

What's in the near future for you?... Trying to get established as an illustrator in Leeds,
and producing more work, I'm currently working on a series of images about the
relationship that animals have with some of the bi-products of human existence.
Also maybe some traveling and producing work as I travel.

First memory of wanting to be creative?... Being told off by my nursery school teacher for
wanting to carry on glueing pasta to paper with PVA glue, when we were supposed to be
having story time.

What advice would you give?... Don't trust horses.

What do you love to hate?... Bad films and TV. Really poor, low budget horror movies,
or terrible kids movies that weren't even good enough to get on the Disney Channel.
Terrible real life crime shows like "Extreme traffic cops 5" or something. I don't know
how I have the patience to sit through them, but I really indulge in torturing myself
with bad TV and then complaining and joking about it the whole time. I love Mystery
Science Theatre 3000 for that same reason.

Your most visited site?... Besides the usual mail and networking sites that I'm ashamed
to admit, probably, or - I don't have a TV, so I love watching
Infomania and The Rotten Tomatoes Show every week.

Your best flaw?... Neurosis. It can be really annoying, and probably one of the first things
people notice about me, but it makes me who I am and is what guides me to do such
detailed and weird drawings, that I love making, so I could never stop being slightly
neurotic for that reason.

What incorrect thing did you believe as a child?... I remember watching that TV show
"Due South" and thinking that Canadian Mountees were called "Mountees" because they
worked in the mountains, rather than because they are mounted on a horse.

What Scares you?... Loss, of the people that I love and my own or their physical and
mental health. And horses.

What are you thinking right now?... Wondering if my answers to this quiz were interesting
enough, thinking that hayfever is annoying, and that I should get dressed because it's
1.30pm and I'm still in my pyjamas.