Andrew Wheatley
– Meet our new friend Andrew, this is what he had to say when we asked him the Feral
10 question quiz...

Describe your style in 3 words... Silly, Strange, Collage

What's in the near future for you?... Traveling, and hover boards if you pay any attention
to Back to the Future.

First memory of wanting to be creative?... I hid behind the sofa and drew on my 2-year-old
sister with felt-tip pens, I was quite a maverick back then.

What advice would you give?... If you go back in time, don't change anything!
Because even the smallest thing could alter the future in ways you couldn't imagine.

What do you love to hate?... Rafael Benitez.

Your most visited site... Facebook.

Your best flaw?... Vanity.

What incorrect thing did you believe as a child?... When I swallowed my chewing gum,
my cousin made me cry because he told me that it would cross my heart and kill me.

What Scares you?... I had a horrible dream last night that the devil was trying to possess
me and a couple of strangers whilst we stayed in a hotel, we weren't allowed to sleep.
Then he made a wooden puppet carrying a massive stick come up a flight of stairs,
it was trying to smash our vase of holy water. The puppet twisted it's head around and
laughed at me before bursting into sawdust... This taught me that I am scared of devils
and wooden puppets.

What are you thinking right now?... I am thinking about dinner.