Ruth Viqueira
– Meet Ruth, she's part of the Leeds paper-making trio We Have Beaks, here's
more about her...

Describe your style in 3 words... Linear, Meticulous, Nature

What's in the near future for you?... I have an exhibition at the Bowery (Headingley)
as part of a collaborative project called Dark Matter

First memory of wanting to be creative?... Spelling 'this is cold' in Alphabetti spaghetti.

What advice would you give?... Never let anyone and that means anyone borrow
your precious pens.

What do you love to hate?... Badly arranged food on a plate (ie beans distributed all
over a fried breakfast with no consideration for the other items....bad form).

Your most visited site?... If you mean physically, my bed...if you mean website probably
the Feral blog!

Your best flaw?... My pixie ear (just the left).

What incorrect thing did you believe as a child?... Adults know what they are doing.

What Scares you?... Dogs in clothes.

What are you thinking right now?... I need to finish the washing up.