Daniel Lancaster
– Dan is one half of Feral Collective. Not only can the boy design, he can draw too!
Here's a little bit more about him...

Describe your style in 3 words... Good, Clean, Fun

What's in the near future for you? ... A lot more mince pies, ohh and learn to drum.

First memory of wanting to be creative?... Winning a competition for coloring in,
my prize was a Bassets Sherbet Fountain flask.

What advice would you give? ... Keep true to yourself, I firmly believe that.

What do you love to hate? ... 80s action films, The Running Man e.t.c

Your most visited site? ... sexyexecs blogspot, it is awesome.

Your best flaw? ... Crap joke cracking, I just can't help myself.

What incorrect thing did you believe as a child? ... My dad once told me that if the
ice cream man played his music he was all out of ice cream.

What Scares you? ... Crane flies (flying daddy long legs) they make me shudder,
it's their lack of direction and spindly legs I think.

What are you thinking right now? ... I should go to bed, it's already past my bedtime.