About Us
– Born in a small cafe in May 2009, Feral Collective is an independent, non profit,
arts magazine publisher who believes the art of print is far from dead. Produced
twice a year, Feral is a purely image based magazine with each issue centering
around a certain theme or topic. Our aim is to provide a platform for up and
coming artists, illustrators, photographers and designers, to promote their work
and be a source of inspiration for other like minded individuals.

Being Involved
– Feral loves to hear from new people. If you would like to submit your work
for forthcoming issues, please send in a low res jpg in response to the theme
to (keep an eye out on the news page for the
next issue's theme). Not all artwork needs to be created just for the magazine,
if you have existing work that fits the subject matter don't hesitate to get in
touch too. If selected, you will receive a free copy of the magazine you are
featured in, get exposure on the site and have the opportunity to be involved
in a future Feral events.

If you have any questions about Feral Collective, or would like to stock the
magazine in you shop, you can get in touch with us here -

Feral Collective, 46 Hillside Court, Leeds, United Kingdom LS74NJ